About BW Ventures From day one, we create the basis of a sustainable and scalable business model

Everyone is calling themselves a startup founder, they are the new rock stars. If you haven’t raised funding, you don’t belong, because that is what startup life is all about, right? Attracting an investment? This startup ecosystem is completely broken.

BW Ventures started in June 2016 with our two founders, Maarten van Kroonenburg and Stephan Botz. Their big mission is to fix this broken startup ecosystem and help early stage startups to validate or invalidate their assumptions and startup ideas. Within the first year, this company grew to 16 people, all with different talents and ambitions. Partially, the team was expanded by acquiring a company called VisionEars which helps their clients and our startups with online marketing and web development. With this great team and set of skills, we are able to develop whatever and whenever we want.

We are proud to be strongly connected with our partners and provide some of our services to such companies as Microsoft, Prezi, KPN, BOM and Brainport Development and help them innovate using the lean startup methodology. And this is only the beginning of our story!

Do you want to learn more, become the next startup we’re going to work with? Or are you representing a company that want to become more innovative? Contact us right away!

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