How to build a thriving corporate venture or innovation portfolio?

The old way vs the new way.

Old architecture and new architecture divided diagonally by a line.

The old way versus the new way.

🏛️ The old way:

  • Stumble upon great opportunities and invest in them
  • Put lots of money into the project
  • Manage the project based on financial performance
  • Fixated on a small portfolio of 5 to 10 project


🏢 The new way:

  • Have a clear innovation strategy to scout for new opportunities inside and outside the company
  • Make a lot of small betsusing an innovation system to find the home-runs
  • Build a portfolio of 25 to 50 innovation projects, of which you can quickly and easily kill or scale individual projects.
  • Manage your portfolio based on innovation accounting

Innovation systems > trusting experience and gut feeling.

Don't create unicorns,

Let's breed blue whales. 🐋