Growth Hacking Workshop

This two half-day session workshop touches upon the topics of Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing for your startup, corporate or SME.

During the workshop, you will discover what impact Growth Hacking can have on your growth and marketing activities. You’ll learn why you should use Growth Hacking, how you can implement Growth Hacking and what you need to do to create a successful growth-engine for your company.

FOR WHOM: This training is suitable for startup entrepreneurs, innovation teams, marketing teams and entrepreneurs that want to scale up their business.

RESULT: When you’ve completed the workshop, you will understand what Growth Hacking is, you’ve designed, created, implemented and analyzed your first two Growth Hacking experiments. And last but not least you gained insights on how to form and manage a Growth Hacking team for your company.

METHODOLOGY: The workshop is based on the Growth Hacking principles, combined and complemented with a variety of principles from other models and methods, such as: Agile, Customer Development, Effectuation, Getting Things Done, Lean Startup and Innovation accounting.

TIMETABLE: The workshop consists of two half-day sessions (times may be subject to change):

Day 1:

09:00h – 09:15h: Doors Open;

09:15h – 10:00h: Introduction to Growth Hacking;

10:00h – 10:45h: How, What and Why of Growth Hacking;

10:45h – 11:00h: Discussing a case

11:00h – 11:15h: Quick Break

11:15h – 12:15h: Setting up your first experiment

12:15h – 12:30h: Reflection and closing

Day 2:

09:00h – 09:15h: Doors Open;

09:15h – 10:00h: Analysis Experiment 1;

10:00h – 11:00h: Growth Hacking Tools;

11:00h – 11:15h: Quick Break;

11:15h – 11:45h: Growth Team Meetings & Skills;

11:45h – 12:15h: Setting up your Experiment 2;

12:15h – 12:30h: Reflection and closing.

LANGUAGE: The workshop can be provided either in Dutch or in English.