Lean Canvas Experience Workshop

This is a 5-hour long workshop that touches upon the topics of Lean Canvas and Pitch MVPs.

During the workshop, you will discover what Lean Canvas entails, and when to use it. In addition to learning how to work with Lean Canvas, you will also learn what Pitch MVPs are, and when to use them.

FOR WHOM: This training is suitable for startup entrepreneurs, innovation teams and entrepreneurs that are creating new business models.

RESULT: When you’ve completed the workshop, you will understand what the Lean Canvas stands for and how you can use it for the growth of a startup. Furthermore, you will put together your first Lean Canvas and apply it to your own startup. Finally, you will have become familiar with Pitch MVPs and their use for you and your business.

METHODOLOGY: The workshop is based on the Lean Startup methodology, combined and complemented with a variety of principles from other models and methods, such as: Agile, Customer Development, Effectuation, Getting Things Done, Growth Hacking and Innovation accounting.

LANGUAGE: The workshop can be provided either in Dutch or in English.

TIMETABLE (times may be subject to change):

9.00h – Doors open

9.30h-10.30h – The Lean Canvas explained

10.30h-10.45h – Quick break

10.45h-11.45h – Putting together your first Lean Canvas

11.45h-13.00h – Lean Canvas & Pitch MVP

13.00h-14.00h – Evaluation, questions and discussion