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commercially successful innovations

This might sound obvious. The thing is, intrapreneurs often fail.
Not because they don't know how to use lean startup and customer development, how to build an all-star team, create great products, or push great marketing campaigns, but because these activities aren’t executed in the right order.
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That’s where we come in

We accelerate innovation through validation

Whether you’re just starting or struggling with the next steps to get an idea to market, we are your sparring partner, your practical guide and tactical confidante.

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In 10 to 12 weeks, we test the viability of your idea. And we don’t stop there. We reshape your core concept through qualitative research. Together we go through ten cycles in which we define and reiterate hypotheses. We guarantee that after those three months, you have a value proposition in hand which started with your idea that is now trimmed, and geared toward a specific market.

Projects helped
Saved in bad investments

Does this mean that we work on this with you?

Yes. We are invested in innovation, excited about the process and like-minded when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Innovation can sprout from idealism, but it can also be enforced by the need for growth. Either way, innovation is a process of ongoing iteration, fickle and it is generally hard to predict.

Do we want to mitigate risk by putting together a sustainable innovation portfolio? Absolutely. But we especially want to be realistic about success.

We make sure that your idea meets the market in a way that is relevant for your end user, whether that is a consumer or a business. That also means that if it isn’t considered relevant, we advise against going ahead with the idea.

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Our services

To help you create commercially successful innovations we provide the following services.

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