We don’t create unicorns;

we breed Blue Whales

BW Ventures team includes skilled accelerators only.

We are excited about rapid growth when innovation serves a problem/solution, product/market and product/channel fit. To arrive at the acceleration stage, we validate assumptions until we find a solution that customers are truly looking for.

This means
we excel at


Havingto adjust, fuels our fire. And we know exactly how to guide you through that process.

like water

Remaining agile and being able to roll with the punches is key to our process. We keep going until we find a problem worth solving.


Mainting focus throughout a validation proces is key, We stay focussed and keep you sharp.

Meet the team

Our team consists of specialists dedicated to bringing your idea to life.

We are brutally honest. When we think it won’t happen, we tell you. No one benefits when you launch something you hoped to be innovative, only to see it fall flat. This also means that when we think your idea is ready to pilot, we are sure.

Each of us has their own expertise, yet at the same time, we all live and breathe the validation process.

Maarten van Kroonenburg
CEO // Founder
Founder and innovation mastermind. Book smart by choice, but more importantly, a good listener and someone who is spot on about the viability of ideas.
Wouter van den Dries
Operations manager
Process genius, operations manager and a Jack-of-all-trades and responsible for the day to day operation of BW Ventures. 
Julian Vegt
Validator & Sales development specialist
Specializes in entrepreneurial digital business. He is a big fan of AB-testing and has a mind of his own when it comes to sales and marketing.
Han van Lambalgen
Head of Corporate innovation
Corporate innovation heavyweight who is serious about people being the drivers for change. On top of that, Han is invested in added value, fascinated about the inner workings of technology, and skilled in digitalization.
Ivar Moberts
Structure guru with experience rooted in the public sector. Besides that, Ivar is a true teamplayer that knows how to drive a team forward, and is methodical in his approach to innovation strategy.
Daan Bemelmans
Thouroughly believes that growth starts with partnership. He is an expert in business development, stakeholder management and innovation.
Portrait of Maarten van Kroonenburg, founder of BW Ventures
Wouter van den Dries
Portrait of Julian Vegt
Portrait of Han van Lambalgen
Portrait of Ivar Moberts
Portrait of Daan Bemelmans