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Innovation strategy

To create a fully functional innovation funnel through which your organization can continuously test the validity, feasibility, and viability of ideas.

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To successfully adapt to changing markets, customer needs, technology, et cetera, innovation is of the essence. Which is why testing innovative ideas ideally is an ongoing practice.

Our way of working includes a series of workshops and interviews that help you select ideas that suit your organization’s future, understand the organization’s strategy, determine your innovation style and leeway, develop ecosystem innovation strategies, and document the agreed upon principles.

Once all of that is done, we zoom in on the operational process.

After all, we want to create an environment where people come up with innovative ideas that are tested before potentially developed.

Our role

We deliver your innovation strategy in which we include two to five ecosystems and a tailor-made innovation system based on the innovation funnel.

This also means that we hand you a budget sheet, timings, and a framework through which you can assess concepts and projects early on. Lastly, we structure the internal process to collect ideas in your organization.


We had invested 300k and 3 years in an unsuccessful platform. The program from BW Ventures showed me why and what we had to do to make our business work.

After 3 months of experimentation, 5% of the platform turned out to be very valuable. We have enlarged that part, the rest has been thrown away and from then we have been able to scale our business rapidly!

Jel Bedeaux — Founder Plan Je Uitje
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