Building trust between teams is crucial

A crucial element to take on every big opportunity.

Old architecture and new architecture divided diagonally by a line.

Building trust between marketing and sales and your technical teams is crucial. Especially when you work on a new value proposition.

If you are not fully aligned, you will miss huge opportunities. Both look at problems from completely different perspectives, but it's a necessity to combine these perspectives to get great results.

A few tips to close the gap:

1. Communicate openly: Find the best-fitting cadence to meet, but regular cross-department meetings can help facilitate dialogue, realign goals, and get that lollapalooza effect working.

2. Educate each other: Marketing, sales, and engineering teams should aim to understand the challenges and objectives of their counterparts. Inspire each other and learn the basic principles of the other's craft.

3. Collaborate early: The best teams we work with have a combination of technical, marketing, and salespeople in them. The earlier you collaborate, the higher the chances of early success.

4. Celebrate successes together (I still need to learn this, too), but make sure you celebrate (small) successes together. Do not just drink to signing a new deal, but also toast on the launch of a new product version.

Cultivate a culture of trust, understanding, and collaboration between marketing, sales, and engineering teams, so businesses can unlock their full potential for innovation and growth.

How do you make sure your teams collaborate?


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