Solving a problem is important

Even more than you think.

Old architecture and new architecture divided diagonally by a line.

Because of Lean Startup, Design Thinking, CX etc., more and more people know that “solving a problem is important”, but too few people really act on it.

Problem discovery is the foundation of commercially successful innovation.

Innovation can be exciting and inspiring, but without identifying the right problem to solve, all the creative ideas and cutting-edge technologies won't lead to success.

That's why problem discovery is so crucial.

It's the process of understanding your customers' pain points, needs, and desires and finding the most significant challenges your company needs to solve.

Good luck scaling your venture if you don’t solve a problem or need of your customer group.

With a solid understanding of the problem, you can design solutions that impact your customers' lives and create a competitive advantage for your company.

It’s fundamental to the design of your venture.

So before you dive into ideation and brainstorming, take the time to explore and identify the right problems to solve.

Proper problem discovery is not done by interviewing 5 experts in your industry or listening to highly experienced colleagues.

Take the necessary time to understand cause-and-effect relationships, emotions related to the problems and the implications of the problems.


Start with problem discovery and lay the foundation for successful innovation.


Don't create unicorns,

Let's breed blue whales.