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Validators are momentum-masters. They are additions to your teams that keep the ball rolling.

Are you in search of someone to expand your innovation team? We can deliver senior validators for a minimal duration of three months. But what does a senior validator do?

They help you run experiments, they help determining next steps, and they are familiar with our methodology. Therefore, they can work autonomously and assist you during the validation process.

Would you like to meet the validators on staff and get acquainted with the other pro’s? Meet the team.

When you think you know everything...

Assuming that your idea is going to crush it and you think you don’t need anyone, then you should especially use BW Ventures methodologies. Maarten gives you new insights, takes you out of your comfort zoneand pushes you to a higher level, which substantially increases the chance of a successful introduction of your new service or product. People who are not flexible, do not want to be challenged or do not have balls, are better off never starting with BW Ventures.

Gert-Jan Guldemond — Founder Mental Health Warriors
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