Webinar: Starting a new position in innovation

Everything you need to know

Did you just start a new job in innovation and want to make an impact? What better way to start than to gain insider knowledge on building successful corporate ventures, investing in startups and scale-ups, and managing your stakeholders.

Webinar Topics covered in this video:

🔹 The four main tools that every innovation manager needs in their arsenal.

🔹 Stakeholder management that secures buy-in from the board.

🔹 The importance of commercial success in innovation and how to achieve it.

🔹 When and how to kill projects.

🔹 The difference between innovation management and R&D management.

Maarten van Kroonenburg and his team have helped over 200 innovation projects across Europe generate more than 20 million in value. Now it's your turn to get the key insights behind 15+ years of combined experience.
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