Webinar: How to apply lean startup for hardware solutions

Presented by BW Ventures and TMC

Innovating often sounds like a creative process that is generally imagined to be without obligation. Though regularly, time and funds are invested in ideas/innovations without a clear understanding of what the return on investment could be. Innovation isn't at all the most straightforward process and is one of the hardest things to predict. So, how do you ensure that these ideas are crafted into commercially successful innovations?

Together, TMC and BW Ventures are hosting a string of webinars that address key topics regarding innovation and we’d like to invite you to join us in this series!

What can you expect?

We do get a lot of questions about how to apply Lean Startup and Customer Development techniques to validate hardware solutions. This webinar will show you how you can perfectly apply these principles to other solutions than just digital ones. By applying these principles, you will be able to mitigate risk and develop products your customers will pay for and use.

We will touch upon:

• What is Lean Startup;
• Some history about Lean Startup;
• The difference between Lean Startup and Lean Manufacturing;
• Problem & Solution discovery;
• Prototyping with hardware solutions;
• Getting your first commitments on hardware solutions;• And now what?

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